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10 benefits of staying in a Mekong Delta homestay 2019

mekong delta homestay 2019
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Mekong Delta is one of the best attractive touristy destinations in Vietnam. The travelers are drawn to its vast rice paddies, exotic floating market, beautiful villages and the human-friendly local.

To be immersed totally in the local life in Mekong Delta tour, we highly recommend you should experience the Mekong Delta homestay 2019. It takes for a granted that you will have the best memorable holiday in Vietnam.

1. Explore the water world

sai gon to mekong delta-explore the water world in Mekong Delta
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From Sai Gon to Mekong Delta, it is a great escape to leave the bustle city and explore the outskirt villages on your drive to Ben Tre province. Here you can easily find yourself a complete Mekong Delta homestay 2019.

Hold on! Let’s talk about a wet market in Ben Tre. We will take you to visit around this coconut island and explore the local activities on the river. Then, keep going taking a boat to Cai Son and Nhon Thạnh creeks to visit some local families here. In case you just only have Mekong Delta tour for 1 day, you can make up your mind to visit this destination and explore the best attractive things.

“We also enjoyed the village and a bike trip in the area. Overall we wouldn’t have missed this for anything – this must be the best way to discover the real life in the Mekong delta.The room is very basic and a bit noisy from both the riverboats and scooters, but ear plugs can fix this. To us this was a part of the experience”said by a visitor on Trip Advisor

2. Get close to the village by motor cart

mekong delta tour-motorcart in Mekong Delta 2019
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The motor cart is so popular a transport in Mekong Delta. The driver will take you to come across the rice fields and vegetable plains to learn more about the local life and their custom. Our first stop is at Mr. Hai Ho’s house to feel the South-East people’s hospitality and taste some special food to make your trip enjoyable. This is the must-try thing in your Mekong Delta homestay 2019 diary.

mekong delta homestay 2019-best food in Ben Tre
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“A beautiful countryside restaurant I the middle of nowhere. You have to ba taken here to find it! The food is great, service fine, prices very reasonable and the surroundings are fantastic. Recommended!”said by a visitor on Trip Advisor

3. Experience a typical house in the south of Vietnam

mekong delta homestay 2019-homestaycantho
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Mekong Delta homestay 2019 are especially found  in Can Tho, Ben Tre and Vinh Long. Some of them are  very spacious, beautifully constructed in Vietnamese traditional style. Others are just very basic, built on wooden stilts. Let’s try a homestay in your Mekong Delta tour to lean more about the typical structure in the South-East houses and so on.

“Great bedrooms with towels included. Clean and safe. Dinner was exceptional. Near the mekong so you fully enjoy this place in your hamak for a good chilling time
I highly recommend it to be at the heart of Vietnam countryside”said by a visitor on Trip Advisor

4. Learn about Vietnamese cuisine recipes

mekong delta homestay in 2019-homestay bentre
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Taking your great chance to learn about the authentic Vietnamese cuisine when choosing a homestay. You will see in your eyes how people prepare the dishes and how they cook. You get the chance to try original cuisine such as Banh Xeo(Vienames pancake); Pho(Beef noodle) and warmly authentic dining. Amazingly good!

“We were on part of a 2 day trip of the Mekong Delta but we had a great night here. The only bad but was that it was late and we had to go down a dark muddy path to get to the boat to get to the location but that was more the travel agents fault than this place. We had an awesome meal with the group and very friendly service overall. Would definitely recommend”said by a visitor on Trip Advisor

5. Visit the authentic fruit orchid

mekong delta homestay 2019-fruit orchid in Mekong Delta
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You also enjoy the visit to the fruit orchard and taste all the exotic fruits such as mango teens; durians; star apples, mangoes and so on. Sipping some coconut water to detox away your tiredness after a long journey.

“The room is nice, not really home stay but still the owner stayed near us.
He took us on a tour with his boat though the floating market, fruit garden, and rice noodle factory. He has really taken care of us, telling us stories, showing some local places.”said by a visitor on trip advisor

6. Explore Cai Rang floating market

mekong delta tour-cai rang floating market
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If you choose to have a homestay in Can Tho, make sure you not to miss out Cai Rang floating market. This market is opened in the early morning. You will see how people exchange the goods by hands and the lively life of the local on Mekong river. Then you will make a stop to try typical Vietnamese breakfast in the middle of all the trader-boats, visit the noodle factory and some amazing fruit garden.

“My wife and I got up early for our guided tour with our tour guide. The trip up the river was pleasant. We stopped and had noodles from one boat and then had pineapple on top of another. Very enjoyable.”said by a visitor on Trip Advisor

7. Family stay with private boat trip

mekong delta homestay 2019-private boat trip in Mekong Delta home stay 2019
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In your Mekong Delta homestay 2019, the highlight is a boat trip to the floating markets with your host who was so informative about local life and happy to recount some of the history of Vietnam.

“We also enjoyed wandering through the nearby streets and found a lovely river walk. The room was basic but perfectly clean.”said by a visitor on trip advisor

8. Get the tour bike through the village and the local market

mekong delta homestay 2019-tour bike
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There were loads of free bikes to rent, and do go cycling around.  You get to see the real life of local people. The local markets are cool! Nice to see the authentic trading!

“Bikes available for free and a good way to see a village in action and life on the river. We also strolled in to the village centre for an evening coffee. Minh joined us after feeding the tour group, and we learned more about the local town”said by a visitor on Trip Advisor

9. Watch the sunset over the Mekong river

sai gon to mekong delta -sunset on mekong river
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You can hire a private boat to drive alongside the Mekong river to enjoy the gorgeous sunset and enjoy the colorful nightlife. Floating in the darkness for an hour and so, you can stop for a coffee along the way in the boat. Your host will be a good patois to take you surrounding his local.

” The deck has great chairs to sit and watch the sunset and lay in hammocks and just relax. The owner was nice enough to take us on a private tour of the river in his own boat! Just as the sunset…it was very romantic”said by a visitor on trip advisor

10. Make your trip easy and complete

mekong delta homestay 2019-make your trip easy
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Mekong Delta homestay 2019 is the best deal for those who love travel alone, a group of friends and families. Beautiful location, beautiful food, beautiful rooms, beautiful people! You can plan your trip and make some friends in your Mekong Delta tour. You will be served with incredibly tasty meals and are given a little cabin room that looked like something out of a fairy tale. The service was lovely, they are surely very sweet and accommodating. Highly recommend, lovely experience.

“But the way, we didn’t go with a group which meant we were able to plan our own thing and stay two nights. It gave us the full day in between to do things as well as enjoy the homestay.”said by a visitor on Trip Advior

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