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10 remarkable things to explore Cu Chi tunnels 2019

explore Cu Chi tunnels 2019 -underground

Built over a period of some 20 years and initial construction began in 1948 by the Viet Cong, Cu Chi tunnels is a firm network against the French and the US armies. It makes a good lesson how Vietnamese soldiers can win the wars over the strongest enemies.

Here is our 10 remarkable things to explore Cu Chi tunnels 2019 before you decide to book Cu Chi Tunnels Tours

1.Ben Duoc and Ben Dinh sections

Cu Chi tunnels tours-cu chi network

There are only two sets to explore Cu Chi tunnels 2019 which  are open for public: Ben Dinh and Ben Duoc. Whenever taking Cu Chi tunnels tour, visitors should choose Ben Dinh because of 2-hour drive from Ho Chi Minh city. Moreover, all includes the amusement area with many interesting outdoor activities.

  •  Ben Dinh was the base for the Cu Chi District Party Committee.
  • Ben Duoc (the bigger scale network) was the base of the Party Committee also serving as the Headquarters of Saigon – Cho Lon – Gia Dinh zone and military zone.

2.Your belongings

cu chi tunnels history-private tour cu chi

  • An item of clothing is chosen that you do not mind getting dirty when going underground.
  • A comfortable pair of sneakers is a good idea.
  • Sunblock, bug spray, and insect repellent are great to have in your bag.

👉👉Do not not bring many personal belongings to move easily. Moreover, it is very difficult to find the lost things in the narrow tunnels.

3.The year-round destination

explore Cu Chi tunnels 2019-Viet Cong soldiers

The Cu Chi tunnels tours open during rainy season (May to November). There will be no flooding inside the tunnels but you surely feel less comfortable. During Tet (Vietnamese Lunar New Year, the tunnels are still open. 

4.The underground life

explore Cu Chi tunnels 2019 -explore cu chi tunnels

When you explore Cu Chi tunnel 2019, do not worry about the dark. It has enough light to see (not there during the war though). The tunnels are a short hunched walk underground. One thing is notable that you enter and move to an exit.

You can also go through a short tunnel made a bit bigger for tourists. In case you do not want to go further, there was an exit at about 30 feet. People did have to crawl on their knees some. It was also explained to us how the tunnels were made, what the area was like during the war, and tactics used.

5. Exceptional situations

explore Cu Chi tunnels 2019-tip to travel cu chi tunnels

Tourists with claustrophobia and high-blood pressure should not go in the tunnels. You can still hike the larger dugouts if you like.

6. The exhibits without going underground

explore Cu Chi tunnels 2019-exhibition at cu chi tunnels

After the documentary film, we went through the place seeing many exhibits which showed traps, kitchens, sleeping quarters and many other sights.

Even the result of B2 bombs landing. It was very educational and one could see why the US GIs felt very bitter towards the guerrilla warriors. It gives a very good understanding of Cu Chi tunnels history.

7. Safety

Ensure you hire a local tour guide to make your Cu Chi tunnels tour safe and convenient. It is risky when you go alone in the tunnels as it is dark inside with lower oxygen levels at some places.

8. Entertainment service

explore Cu Chi tunnels 2019-shooting area

There are many several activities for you to enjoy around the Cu Chi tunnels. Relax in swimming pool, or with bicycle rentals available, hiking and camping opportunities, canoeing, and food for you to try. Especially,  travelers should experience the cool air of the Saigon River by taking a boat.

If you like going campaign or picnic right on the banks of the Saigon River, remember to prepare camping materials beforehand.

9. Cu Chi wildlife 

explore Cu Chi tunnels 2019-the wild life station at cu chi

Located between Ben Duoc and Ben Dinh, about 1km from the Cu Chi, the Wildlife rescue station is founded in 2006. It is a home of 3,600 species of rare animals. Here you can not only visit the rare wildlife but also hear the staff tell stories about them.

10. Taste Cu Chi beef(Bo To)

Cu Chi tunnels tours-beef of cu chi

To create a perfect dish,  the meat has to be around five months old because it is at this stage that the meat is soft and juicy. The meat is cooked in diverse way such as boiling it, grilling it, or frying it. 

You can eat the beef with rice paper, or vegetables picked up from the forest and you can use it with anchovy sauce (mam nem). There is also beef in vinegar hotpot which is amazing, and also the simple grilled beef (bo nuong moi or bo nuong vi) is also yummy!

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