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5 amazing things to explore from Sai Gon to Mekong Delta

sai gon to mekong delta
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Mekong Delta is the culmination of the river’s 4,500 km journey from the Tibetan Plateau, from where it flows through China, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

There are so many exotic things which you can experience from Sai Gon to Mekong Delta. When you do, make sure you take in 5 amazing things below. Let’s get started!

1. Meat the local from Sai Gon to Mekong Delta

sai gon to mekong delta-go bicycle
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Bee farm

sai gon to mekong delta-bee farm
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Mekong Delta is not just only a water world. It will provide you with interesting lens into the local life in Mekong Delta tour.

Our first stop is the bee farms where you can learn how locals manufacture pure natural honey from bees. It is really worth a visit to deeply understand the way farmers extract the honey bees.

sai gon to mekong delta-honey tea
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Moreover, you would have best option to taste a such delicious flavor of honey tea – a unique delicious tea made from natural honey. Farmers will let you try a perfect mixture of tea with natural honey, a squeeze of lime and a little dried honeycomb

Try on this tea slowly and taste the sweetness of the honey and the unique flavor of fresh tea. This is the best way to help you detox away the stress and tiresomeness of a long Mekong tour 1 day. In adition,  you can feel deeply with all your heart about distinct culture of people who are always amiable, hospital and friendly.

“We had coffee at the ferry station and then started on our tour.
The motor boat took us first to a bee farm. We saw how honey was being extracted.
We took some honey tea and candy.
We then went to a place where candy was being made
After that we walked through the village to a place from where we got into small canoes and traveled through the narrow backwaters. The boats were being rowed by ladies.
At the end we got back to our launch and came back to My Tho.”said by a visitor on trip advisor


mekong delta tour for 1 day-homestay
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The travelers who want to get closer with the local of Mekong Delta, a homestay is your ideal choice. This way you will stay at resident’s house, enjoy the warmly dining with them and will go for a Mekong Delta private tour with a patois.

From Sai Gon to Mekong Delta, this is the best way to have an ideal escape from the bustling city and understand how the local live their daily lives.

If you decide to live in a homestay, a shared bathroom or a bedroom without A/C might not be your favorite part of the trip. Honestly, the experience you will explore is totally worth it, so the best is to just adapt to the lifestyle and make the most of everything. You can try to stay a homestay with us at: Mekong Insiders: Two Days with Homestay

“We were so lucky to have stayed at this amazing homestay on our visit thru the mekong delta. My friend and i had talked about doing this, staying with a local family on our tour thru the delta, instead of the typical hotel, we wanted something different! We booked it thru a travel agent in saigon, probably the easiest way, we actually just added it on for an extra $10 to our tour. The owners picked us up, and our backpacks in Can Tho, and took us on fun ride beside the river along paths thru the local villages on our way to their home! This was fun already! Their home is right on the river, and has the best riverside view”said by a visitor on trip advisod

:-):-):-)From Sai Gon to Mekong Delta, there are many Mekong Delta tours. Let’s visit us to choose the best deal: 10 activities mekong-delta

2. Try on boat tour trip

sai gon to mekong delta-boat trip
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Grab your great choice to explore different types of boats in Mekong Delta tour. First a bigger boat to take you to visit a bigger boat and come across the beautiful rice paddies, dazzling flowers, floating market, coconut gardens and lively local life.

Next, you will take a speedboat to the other beautiful islands and enjoy the water-mouth specialties. Then to top it all a bamboo boat rowed manually in the quiet and serene river surrounded by bamboo jungle. Let’s be immersed totally in the water world and meet the friendliest people in this region.

“I went on a Mekong delta cruise on a traditional boat from My Tho on a small group tour. We got into a smaller boat with 3 of us in one boat powered by a lady rowing the boat to explore the canals on the Mekong delta. We had a traditional Vietnamese lunch and explored or relaxed the area after lunch. The Mekong delta cruise on a traditional boat plus the canal ride on a small boat is a unique experience which I would recommend to tourists visiting Ho Chi Minh City.”said by a visitor on trip advisor.

🙂 🙂 🙂 To whom it may concerned: Off the Beaten Track Mekong Ben Tre Full Day

3. Visit coconut village

mekong delta tour-coconut island
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Ben Tre province is the paradise of coconuts. This 2-3 hour cruise to Ben tre island included an amazingly tasty luncheon in a remote restaurant as well as coconut village. Travel up the river  on a small boat takes you into lush tropical areas and waterways. You will get lost in this amazing local! :lol:. This is a great option to explore the local life. Imagine to sip some fresh water coconut and take a nap on the hammock. Why not?

“We took a three day tour of Mekong in our vacation in Vietnam. That was the most impressive trip of us. We lived with local people, cooked with them, drunk , talked with them as friends.
Our destinations were different with what we read on guide book. Everything was new to us. We get a new experience in Mekong delta such as : climbing up coconut tree, walking on money bridge, making Vietnamese food, getting local market…..
The most we loved in our tour was homestay in Tra vinh. It was amazing with beautiful scenery and wamrly host.
I would like to recommend this tour to everyone.”said by a visitor on trip advisor

🙂 🙂 🙂Read more: Private Tour : A Day Ben Tre Mekong Excursion

4. Feed crocodiles

Sai Gon to Mekong Delta-Feeding crocodiles
Sai Gon to Mekong Delta-Feeding crocodiles

Feeding salt-water crocodiles is one of the best attractive things in Mekong Delta tour for 1 day. You will get onto floating rafts over a swamp where huge saltwater crocodiles were lurking just beneath the surface.  Now, they only live where they are being persevered or farmed.

“I’m not going to lie: it was thrilling to dangle a bit of eel on the end of a large “fishing” pole and watch as the crocodiles LEAF into the air, grabbing at the food with a terrifyingly powerful snap of the jaws. These crocodiles could easily take down a human, so I was certainly glad of the tall steel cage on the edges of the rafts, protecting us from harm.”said by a visitor on trip advisor

5.Watch Vietnamese traditional Aulacese opera

sai gon to mekong delta-vietnames song-con phung island
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Some you will take you to a few islands and you get to try some fruit, watch traditional singing and dance, have a nice lunch, and eat some great coconut candy. Do yourself a favor and have a nice time on the Mekong with one of these tours!

When you go around, you’ll find exotic fruits like the durian. You will be served with diverse local fruits like dragon fruit and ripe mangoes accompanied by live local music and dance.

“This is indeed an excited tour in which you can explore the daily life of local people, as well as enjoy the boat trip on Mekong river. First, we visit the Vinh Trang Pagoda, a famous Buddhist temple in the Mekong Delta region, to explore the architecture, history and Buddhism here. Then we take a boat trip along the Mekong river to visit a family in Ben Tre who produced coconut candy and honey. We also listen to a Vietnamese folk song music which is very attractive and sweet. If we have more time, we will spend some more days to explore this region.”said by a visitor on trip advisor

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