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5 stunning things to explore Mekong Delta cruise

explore mekong delta cruise
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As one of Vietnam’s attractive destinations,  Mekong Delta is a awesome touristy area with its endless green space, vast paddy fields, local villages, fruit orchids and coconut islands.

Normally, travelers can visit by bus from Sai Gon to Mekong Delta or choose a tour package. However, we will take you to visit this water world by cruise. Mekong Delta cruise is the best ideal to be immersed totally the bustling lifestyle on the floating markets of Cai Be, Cai Rang and Phung Hiep. Why not? Let’s get started it!

Watch the sunset and enjoy the luxurious service

explore Mekong Delta cruise-sunset on Mekong Delta cruise
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To take the best Mekong Delta cruise, we highly recommend you Mekong Eyes cruise. It combines luxurious on-board facilities and cozy cabin to become the wonderful holiday vessel to cruise.

Part of the charm is the traditional rice barge with nicest quality wood and elegant decor by high skilled staff of Mekong Delta.

As luncheon is served, the boat starts cruising. Let’s relax and detox away the stress as watching the fantastic scenery and local life on Mekong Delta cruise.

Then, you are back on board and relax on sun desk when sipping a strong cocktail. It is ideal to see the gorgeous sunset over the  the magnificent water landscape of the Mekong river.

The cruise boat will anchor for the night. Let’s enjoy the delicious dining on your comfortable river cruiser on the lively night.

explore Mekong Delta cruise-sunset on Mekong Eye cruise
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“We traveled through sunset and into the night, tying up in the river. The next morning, we took tours of a water market and an artisan rice-noodle factory, before driving to Chau Doc. Overnight there, then a drive to Ha Tien. We stopped for lunch at a crocodile farm, and visited the Tra Su National Forest, which is simply not to be missed.” Said by a visitor on Trip Advisor

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2. Visit the village

explore Mekong Delta cruise-local village in mekong delta
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Mekong Delta is a place where people are so friendly and cozy, , charming river water, fruit trees for whole four seasons and a healthy environment. You can walk through the village to learn more about the local life.

After enjoying the wonderful Mekong Delta cruise, you can disembark for a guided leisurely stroll through a village and the surrounding fruit orchards or rice fields . Then, you can meet the friendly locals and taste the local fruits.

explore Mekong Delta cruise-local life in Mekong Delta-dining
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“The meals on board were all beautifully presented using fresh local ingredients. We certainly did not go hungry. The tour through the local village was very enjoyable. Dave shared his knowledge about fruits and plants and gave us a great insight in how Vietnamese people live. Highly recommended.”said by a visitor on Trip Advisor

3. Cai Rang floating market

explore Mekong Delta cruise-Cai Rang floating market
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The trips are so excellent with a sampan ride. You will have an amazing view from the boat and it is very lovely to sit and watch the world go by. The visitor will have chance to see a floating market, noodle factory. All the goods and fresh fruits is exchanged by hand. Then you also visit the crocodile farm where you can feed them. That’s so fun.

“Just before disembarking we were taken through the floating markets on a smaller boat and then a bit of souvenir shopping. Although there are day tours –well worth doing an overnight as the cruise covers about 150 kilometers of the river”said by a visitor on trip advisor

4. Go for a bike

sai gon to mekong delta-bike tour
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Go cycling surrounding the islands which is highlight as a brilliant way to see local life. When traveling the Mekong Delta tour, not to miss out the fruits orchids, listen to Tai Tu songs and enjoy the finest cuisine of Southern Vietnam.

“Had a really nice cruise on an overnight boat along the Mekong. Staff were friendly and tried their best to give as much information as possible (despite their really quite poor English).
Food was to a good standard and 2nd day trip to a village to watch local produce being made followed by a bike ride topped off a nice trip”said by a visitor on Trip Advisor.

5. Tra Su National Park

explore Mekong Delta cruise-tra su forest
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One of the popular attractions of the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam is the Tra Su Forest. After having early Lunch, you can hire a motor boat to see the flooded mangrove forest, walk a little to ride on rowing boat and that started the real journey! You go through real forest with tall trees an watch lots of birds. It is really worth a visit.

“Submerged forest with great boat rides and an awesome silent ride where I saw so many amazing birds. Mind blowing. Ms San organised everything” said by a visitor on Trip Advisor

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