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Crawling underground life in Vietnam history at Cu Chi tunnels 2019

cu chi tunnels 2019-underground life in cu chi tunnels

Built over the period of 20 years that began sometimes in the late 1940s, Cu Chi tunnels’ systems were of great importance to Viet Cong in their resistance to America forces, and played a major role in North Vietnam winning the war.

Nowaday, Cu Chi tunnels is one of the best attractive historical sites in Vietnam. They offer visitors interesting lens into the underground life of the soldiers back in 1948. Here is 5 amazing things that helps you to be immersed totally in Vietnam history at Cu Chi tunnels 2019:

5 amazing things to explore Cu Chi tunnels 2019

cu chi tunnels 2019-Cu Chi Tunnels maps

1 Explore the dark and see the light

The tourists will explore the massive systems of weapon and booby trap exhibitions. You will experience the underground life of Viet Cong(kitchens, meeting rooms, munitions etc), a firing range and so on.

Moreover, you have a great chance to taste the local cassava root  that sustained Viet Cong for years. By the way, you also can see how did Vietnam win the wars over the biggest enemies. 

cu chi tunnels 2019-Viet Cong's life

2 Visit the war zone

If you want to expose yourself totally in the entire war in Cu Chi tunnels 2019, do not miss out this area. With vivid models, fascinated and heroic speeches, the entire location was rebuilt completely to recall the heroic stage of Vietnamese people.

In the back of conference hall, you can visit the models of famous landscapes in Vietnam as Nha Rong Wharf, Hue, One Pillar pagoda, Sai Gon, Long Bien, My Thuan Bridge, Hoang Sa archipelago and so on.

best way to go to cu chi tunnels-war zone at cu chi tunnels

3 Enjoy Vietnamese cuisine by the river

You will enjoy diverse Vietnamese local food by the river: authentic fried spring rolls, chicken, beef dishes and soup. Let’s make a short here and take a deep breath to release all the tiredness after a long day.

historical sites in vietnam-spring roll at cu chi

4 Try paintball shooting

Visit to Cu Chi tunnels 2019, please grab your chance to play paintball shooting.  After going through the tunnels and relax your mind from the dark and lack of oxygen underground, you will experience this sport, it inquires enough members and then divided into two teams.

historical sites in vietnam-paintball shooting

5 Cycling and swimming

Right in the Chu Chi Tunnels 2019, you can hire bikes to go around to enjoy the pure atmosphere here. Otherwise, tourists can swim to enjoy the cool water under the intensive sunlight of summer at pool simulation East Sea.

cu chi tunnels 2019-tour bike around cu chi tunnels

How to get to Cu Chi tunnels

1 By motorbike

You can hire a motorbike to drive yourself to the Cu Chi tunnels. We do not recommend you it if you still do not know exactly about the route and how your driving skill is. However you could take a tour and ensure that you do not miss out on the awesome things on the way!

Let’s visit us and choose the best Cu Chi tunnels tours: Full activities in Cu Chi tunnels

2 By boat

If you are keen on the waterway route, there are some tour services offering service to the Cu Chi Tunnels by speed boat. The visitors could visit Cu Chi tunnels by Les Rives Speedboat or one way Boat and Bus. It looks like more budget-friendly with the full service and tour program. This is one of the best way to get to Cu Chi tunnels.

Visit us and choose the best deals Cu Chi tunnels:Discover Cu Chi Tunnels by Les Rives Speedboat and Discover Cu Chi tunnels by one way Speedboat and Bus

3 By taxi

This price will be  super expensive but comfort. You can expect to pay about 60 USD both ways as it is a 120-kilometer journey. You will save a lot of money by being adventurous!

Entrance Ticket Prices

Both Ben Dinh and Ben Duoc entrances have the same operating hours. However, they have different entrance fees.

  • Opening hours: 8 AM – 5 PM daily, including Sunday!
  • Entrance ticket:
    Ben Dinh: 110,000 VND/person(4 USD)
    Ben Duoc: 90,000 VND/person(3 USD)
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