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Cu Chi Tunnels – A Visit To The Underground Legends

Visit To The Underground Legends

Moving to the underground, living, eating, studying there is not a scientific project, it is what actually happened in Cu Chi Tunnels nearly 50 years ago. Cu chi is located 30km from Ho Chi Minh city

Cu Chi Tunnels intro

The Cu Chi tour doesn’t just bring you to explore the tunnel system below our standing ground, it’s a life-time experience to hear about how legends were made under these tunnels.

Cu Chi Tunnels - A Visit To The Underground Legends

First thing that seduces you the moment stepping in this underground world is the darkling obscure vision that makes an adventurous feeling.

The complex, low road network brings atmosphered-like any other treasure hunting discovery journey.

The deeper entering the tunnels, the more we find harsh environment, low-quality condition, but all of those just brighten the indomitable spirit of the Vietnamese.

The United States and allies came here for vigorous assaults

The United States and allies came here for vigorous assaults, but how people dared to stay 10 meters below the bombing attack ground, kept their calm, lived and remained their social and mental life, discussed the tactics, counter attacked and won the war really amazed millions of people.

dia dao cu chi tour

Through the historical evidences, stories of Cu Chi life becomes more realistic, romantic and lively.

They’re stories of people living with each other, loving each other, keeping an optimistic spirit for each other, fighting for each other and sacrificing for each other – stories of lengendary people.

Visiting Cu Chi Tunnels (Dia dao Cu Chi tour)is not just about finding out the brilliant structure inside, seeking for fresh experience of adventurous trip.

cu chi is located 30km from hcm city

Keeping in mind the optimistic spirit, fearless and never giving up attitude is the humane message we want to deliver through this journey.

Therefore, the Cu Chi Tunnels is the trip out of disregard in Ho Chi Minh City. Any interest for this tour, please visit Goreise.com

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