Home Cu Chi Tunnels Cu Chi Tunnels Shooting Range – AK-47s, M60s

Cu Chi Tunnels Shooting Range – AK-47s, M60s

Cu Chi Tunnels Shooting Range – AK-47s, M60s

Visiting the Cu Chi tunnels was a high priority on our list of things to do. We then discovered there was a Cu Chi tunnels shooting range. We decided to pay a visit…

Taking the Cu Chi tunnels tour was a great insight into the history of the Vietnam war and to see some parts of the labyrinth like tunnels was a really amazing experience. Seeing the various booby traps and sniper holes first hand was quite incredible.

The whole place is set up complete with demonstrations, guided tours, displays and also some modified tunnels. Enlarged tunnels so tourists can go inside and get a feel of what it was like for a typical Viet Cong soldier.

The Cu Chi Tunnels shooting range

As our guide was telling us about the Cu Chi tunnels history, we could hear gunshots in the distance. We knew we were getting close to the Cu Chi tunnels shooting range.

Some of the people in our tour group spent more than $300 dollars each on various guns. We fired 10-15 rounds per gun and it was more than enough.

The setup at the shooting range is great, really professional. We didn’t really know what to expect, but we were impressed. Seeing the old tanks and war remnants close to the range was also cool.

Overall, it was a really great half-day trip and totally worth it…especially if you want to shoot some guns and learn more about the Vietnam War. A definite highlight of our trip to Ho Chi Minh city.

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