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Cu Chi Tunnels Tours – How To Get The Low Costs ?

Cu Chi Tunnels Tours - How To Get The Low Costs

Not far from Ho Chi Minh city, the Cu Chi Tunnels is always a good choice for those who love to escape the Saigon’s bustle within half-day or even one day.

There are many prices that depend on what kind of Cu Chi Tunnels Tours package you are interested in. We can classify the kinds of tours into two categories, including visiting by speedboat or by bus.

By Bus – the best way to get the lowest costs of Cu Chi Tunnels Tours

Private Tour: If you want to travel with your family, friends … or alone, this is a better choice. You can check prices below.

The price includes an English or French speaking guide, pick-up and drop-off, entrance fees, and mineral water. Moreover, you can choose the departure time. The excursion lasts 6 hours.

Person    1                2             3             4               5             6                7             8              9
Price    $79.00    $44.78    $39.12    $33.05    $28.85    $26.06    $22.91    $20.25    $17.94
* USD/1 person

Cu Chi Tunnels Tours cost

Small Group Tour: You will join with other tourists up to a maximum of 14 people in a minivan. The price of $26 includes entrance fees, an English-speaking guide, pick-up & drop-off, and mineral water.
If you book at least 30 days before your departure date, you will receive a 10% discount on this price.
The pick-up time is 8:15-8:30AM and it is available every day.

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Big Group Cu Chi Tunnels Tours : This choice is the cheapest way to visit the Cu Chi Tunnels. You pay 4$ (90,000VND) for a tour guide, bus and an entrance fee of 5$ (110,000 VND). However, you have to come to the office and you will join with 40 people.
You can choose 8:00AM in the morning or 1:00PM in the afternoon.

By Les Rives Speed Boat

cu chi tour by boat

This is one of the most luxury tours in Saigon, Ho Chi Minh. The tour guide will pick you up at your hotel by mini-van and bring you to Binh Quoi Pier.

From here, you will take a speedboat to the Cu Chi Tunnels. (Cu Chi tour by boat)

They serve coffee, unlimited soft drinks, and fruits on board. It’s a very relaxing way to get there because of no traffic jam.

Ah wait!!! Actually, from March to May there may be a traffic jam because of the water hyacinth overgrowth.

The price of 86$ per person includes lunch, light breakfast (for morning trip), unlimited soft drinks, pick-up & drop-off, and your entrance fee.

Wanna book this trip? Click to check Cu Chi Tunnels Tour Price

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You can choose 7:00AM or 11:00AM and it’s available every day.

In conclusion, it is not difficult to get the best prices of Cu Chi Tunnels Tours whenever you want even if you travel independently or go with travel agent.

It can be sure that you can get easily lowest prices of Cu Chi tours at Backpacker area.

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