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Cu Chi Tunnels Tours : Is it The Best Choice To Do in Saigon Ho Chi Minh city 2020 ?

Cu Chi Tunnels Tours

The Cu Chi Tunnels are 75km from the northwest of Saigon and are made up of an  elaborate subterranean network spanning more than 200km.

The tunnels width is at most 1- meter  wide, so this will give you the unique experience of moving through the maze as if you were one of the  Vietcong.

Cu Chi Tunnels Tours Is it The Best Choice To Do

But don’t worry, the tunnels have been altered where needed to accommodate visitors, and  you will have no trouble navigating its passageways.

How did they build Cu Chi tunnels ?

How did they build Cu Chi tunnels

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When the tunnels were first being constructed  during the 1940s, they served as a base of attack against the colonial French.

They were later redesigned  during the Vietnam War in the late 1960s.

The tunnels’ reconstruction served primarily to house North  Vietnamese military units and provide a central command center.

It only happened that nonmilitant  groups including women and children would use the tunnels as well in times of attack from the enemy.

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Daily Cu Chi Tunnels Tours ?

Daily Cu Chi Tunnels Tours

The Cu Chi Tunnels Tour is a great excursion to choose from that is nearby Saigon.

This  excursion is perhaps one of the more historically enriching and rewarding experiences that you can take  part in while staying in Saigon.

It is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. By visiting the tunnels, you  will be able to understand why the Vietcong forces were so advantaged and how guerillas managed to  continuously thwart the attempts of the southern.

The tunnels would house facilitated the construction  of hospitals, kitchens, even schools.

They provided a way for life to “go on” so to speak, even if under  less than agreeable circumstances.

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