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Exciting manual to go hiking Cu Chi tunnels tour 2019

cu chi tunnels tour 2019-underground cu chi tunnels

Located roughly about 70 km from the north of Ho Chi Minh city, Cu Chi tunnels is the part of the massive historical sites in Vietnam. It was built by Viet Cong from 1946 in their resistance to the French army. Heading to this spot site, visitors will understand how Vietnamese people can win over the strongest enemies.

We are very pleased to provide you an amazing manual to go hiking Cu Chi tunnels tour 2019.

How to get to Cu Chi tunnels

To take the Cu Chi tunnels tour 2019, there are 3 ways to travel to this destination:

By motorbike

You can hike a motorbike and drive yourself to the Cu Chi tunnels. Even though it is so fun and adventurous, we really do not recommend you to choose. It is up to your driving skill and knowledge about the route.

It would better to take a Cu Chi tunnels half day tour to make a full day awesome. Most tour agencies arrange travel packages to reach the Ben Dinh tunnels entrance and back. If not, you can visit Ben Duoc to take some memorable experiences not specializing just the tunnels.

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cu chi tunnels tour half day-motorbike to cu chi tunnels

By boat

If you are keen on traveling in the waterway route, there are several of boat tour services. Les Rives is also an usual name you hear that offer a full boat experience to Cu Chi tunnels tour 2019.

cu chi tunnels map-boat to cu chi

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Both Ben Dinh and Ben Duoc entrances have the same operating hours and different entrance fees.

Opening hours: 8 am to 5 pm daily

Entrance ticket:
Ben Dinh: 110,000 VND(5 USD)/person
Ben Duoc: 90,000 VND(4 USD)/person

What to see and do

Cu Chi tunnels map

Visitors are attracted by the exotic structure of Cu Chi tunnels. In the network underground system, each of distinct location has specially closed gates used to prevent from the enemy and toxic gas.

Not only were Cu Chi tunnels used for conflict, but it also a home of the factory workers who provided with weapons and war equipment. All includes stockpiles of firearms, ammunition, food and materials, battlefield facilities, smoke free kitchens (Hoang Cam kitchen), hospitals, bedrooms, shelters for women, children and the elderly. It looked like an entire city underground.

cu chi tunnels tour 2019

Cu Chi wildlife rescue station

Being far away about 1 km from Cu Chi, the Wildlife rescue station is the largest wildlife home of 3,600 species of rare animals in the southern region.

Here you can visit the rare species, feed them and hear the staff tell story about them.

Cu Chi tunnels tour 2019-Cu Chi wild rescue station

The war zone

In Cu Chi tunnels tour 2019, the best thing to visit is the structure of Cu Chi tunnels. However, there are more interesting things than you imaged. The war zone is the place where visitors will see pictures of strategic hamlets, US military posts. In addition to the models and sound systems to demonstrate the context of war, visitors can also talk with the people who lived and fought in Cu Chi during the war.

how to get to cu chi tunnels-war zone

Shooting zone

You will learn how to shoot the AK47 gun and try shooting it for themselves. The price costs at 50,000 VND(2 USD)/person/60 minutes.

cu chi tunnels tour 2019-shooting area

The East Sea

It might me a good idea to swim in the cool water in the hot summer. Taking 15-minute walk to reach the pool area that resembles the East Sea. Ticket prices cost 20,000 VND(1 USD)/person.

Trung An garden

South Vietnam is very popular for its fruit orchards, of which you can find in the tunnel area. You will visit the spacious garden and enjoy delicious tropical fruits like durian, rambutan, plum, and jackfruit.

cu chi tunnels tour 2019-durian
Durian in Trung An orchid

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Where to eat

Bo To Cu Chi – Cu Chi Beef

To make a perfect dish,  the meat has to be around five months old that the meat is soft and juicy. It is cook in deserve ways  such as boiling it, grilling it, or frying it.

You can eat the beef rolled up with rice paper with fresh vegetables picked up from the forest and dip it in anchovy sauce. Another taste is vinegar hotpot (bo nhung dam) and the simple grilled beef (bo nuong moi or bo nuong vi). They are also amazing.

cu chi tunnels tour 2019-beef of cu chi

Nuoc Mia Sau Rieng – Sugarcane Juice with Durian

Sugarcane juice is a popular drink in Vietnam. It is so fresh and help to keep energized and hydrated. Moreover, it mixed with durian, it’s even tastier! But you should be a fan of durian to enjoy it this way.

ben dinh tunnels-sugar juice with durian

Boiled cassava with ground peanuts, sugar, and coconut

This is one of the most favorite food for Viet Cong soldiers during Vietnamese war. This food is quite delicious and filling, especially with some tea. To imagine a soldier in the rainy day and try this when to unsure about how your life will end, with American soldiers looking for you and your friends. If you love leaning more about Vietnames history, you can try on this tour: Unseen War in Vietnam

cu chi tunnels tour 2019-cassava in cu chi

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