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Tips to explore the best authentic Mekong Delta tour for 1 day

best authentic mekong delta tour for 1 day-boat trip on mekong delta
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Mekong Delta is one of the best attractive destinations in Vietnam. The visitors will explore the paradise of setting of water living; endless green place; diverse tropical fruits and floating markets.

Thanks to its climate temperature, Mekong Delta deserves to be considered as a wonderful destination for your next holiday. When you do, make sure you take in some of favorite tips to explore best authentic Mekong Delta tour for 1 day.

1. Best time to visit

best mekong delta trip-high season in Mekong Delta
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The best time to take your Mekong Delta trip is from April to the beginning of June. This time is at the start of rainy season, so the weather is cool enough to make up for the heat.

You will surely have a perfect Mekong delta cruise to come across all the vast rice paddies; fruit orchids and dazzling flowers. In addition, grabbing your chance to explore festivals such as the Cholchonam Thomay (Khmer’s New Year) and the Crop Season Opening Festival at this time.

“There are a lot of stuff to do and see in the Mekong Delta, not just the floating market. It is still crowded and even more crowded if you visit it the right time- from early morning at around 5:30 am. As we usually get up late and enjoy breakfast and travel there, it must be almost 7:30 am then, so there are not many merchants doing their business there, for sure. Taking a boat ride through canals, dropping by local orchards or riding bike along shady peaceful paths among rice fields…it’s more than worthy.”said by a visitor on trip advisor

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2. The best clothes and belongings

best authentic mekong delta tour for 1 day-best clothes to travel Mekong Delta
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There is no code dress in Mekong Delta, but you should pack lightly, wear comfortably to adapt to the heat and the humidity of the Mekong Delta.

Sun protection is also needed to combat the extreme sunlight during the day time in your best Mekong Delta tours. Keeping a raincoat in handy for sudden rains and splashes.

In order to keeping energized and hydrated, you should bring extra water when going on long trips.

“We had coffee at the ferry station and then started on our tour.
The motor boat took us first to a bee farm. We saw how honey was being extracted.
We took some honey tea and candy.
We then went to a place where candy was being made
After that we walked through the village to a place from where we got into small canoes and traveled through the narrow backwaters. The boats were being rowed by ladies.
At the end we got back to our launch and came back to My Tho.”said by a visitor on trip advisor

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3. Health Issues

best mekong delta tours-keep health in Mekong Delta tour
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Remember not to drink or swim. This way you can prevent parasites from entering your body, and just drink bottled water or boiled tap water.

4. Mosquito

mekong delta cruise-mekong delta homestay
(homestay in Mekong Delta, source from @truongquochuy)

Please keep away the mosquito as bringing a couple of good insect repellents. Moreover, you could wear colorful clothes, as bright and hot colors to resist to mosquitoes.

In case you enjoy the Mekong Delta homestay, bear in your mind to stay away the local water sources (wells and pots), always keep your water in a closed container. Making sure all the windows are closed when you sleep and do not take drug without doctor’s advice.

5. Best prices

best authentic mekong delta tour for 1 day-coconut candy in Ben Tre province
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The dry season from October to April is high season as the best time to explore all the beauty of Mekong Delta. Dry season is the high season, as the Mekong Delta showcases its beauty. If you want to explore the best authentic Mekong Delta tour for 1 day, you should get everything booked and confirmed beforehand.

October and November are the lowest months and everything is cheap, so you can book in advance to take a good deal.

Remember to check the weather and tide forecast. You should plan your day (and your stay) accordingly. In addition to that, you should have a back up plan , as the weather and the tides are not the same all the time.

“It took us a while in our tour bus to get the location from where we took the boat. Boat ride was a bit long but the host was very friendly and provided snacks etc. We saw delta carpeted with rice paddies, floating market, large fruit and coconut gardens.”said by a visitor on trip advisor

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6. Best authentic Mekong Delta tour for 1 day

mekong delta homestay-best tour in mekong delta
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The easiest way to travel surrounding the Mekong Delta is booking a private adventure or a group excursion. Honestly, you will have a great choice to visit the floating market, meet the local at the villages by boat. In addition, you can see how they make specialties such as coconut candy and rice paper.

As usual, the floating market tour starts in the early morning(4-5 am). The price is included the bus tickets, entrance fees and meals. If you would like to know more recommendations for your Mekong Delta trip, let’s visit us at: Get lost 24 hours in Mekong Delta tour from Ho Chi Minh city

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