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Explore the best eco-tourism in one-day trip Ben Tre 2019

one-day trip Ben tre
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Ben Tre is one of the best attractive eco-tourism destinations in Vietnam. It provides 3 main islands wedged between the Tien Giang river to the north and to Co Chien river to the south with the Ham Luong river running straight down the centre.

In case you do not have enough time to explore all the features, we will show you some of interesting things to see and do in your one-day trip Ben Tre 2019.

Explore Turtle Islet

sai gon to mekong delta-turtle islet
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Turtle Islet – Ben Tre Province is one of the four outstanding islets in Mekong Delta tour. Part of the charm is the 22 km waterway on Tien River, stretching from the center of Ben Tre center to the outside.

The highlight is that you can take a boat trip around the Turtle Islet to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and learn the local activities. Almost the rental boats are inclusive in the tour packages. If you are searching for a one-day trip Ben Tre, let’s visit us and choose your best deal: Private Tour : A Day Ben Tre Mekong Excursion

Visit the tropical fruit orchid and enjoy Vietnamese folk music

Sai Gon to Mekong Delta-Tai Tu song
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One remarkable thing to make your one-day trip Ben Tre valuable is to taste diverse of fresh fruit and experience Vietnamese folk songs. From Sai Gon to Mekong Delta, it is an ideal escape to detox away your stress. Honestly, all you have in this trip is valuable and you cannot meet by chance in the bustling city.  Therefore, it is a journey of life.

one-day trip Ben Tre-fruit orchards in Ben Tre
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Day cruise on Ham Luong river

one-day trip Ben Tre-Ham Luong river
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Explore Mekong Delta cruise alongside Ham Luong River to observe the lush tropical islet and relish the cool breeze here. Moreover, you can visit traditional workplaces where locals make their hand-made products from coconut, such as candy, activated charcoal, brooms, and souvenirs.

It is comfortable and delightful to sit in a small boat on the calm water under the shadow of palm trees.  It is absolutely an incredible thing you must try in your one-day trip Ben Tre.

Visit coconut island

one-day trip Ben Tre-coconut Ben Tre
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Ben Tre is well-known as the coconut island. In other word, coconut is the main ingredient to make the special products in this water region.

It is worth to visit the traditional coconut businesses when taking a chance to travelling here. While cruising along Ham Luong River, you can come across kilns used to produce activated charcoal by baking coconut shell.

one-day trip Ben Tre-coconut candy workshop
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Moreover, you will have eye opening by mills where coconut fudge, leaflet midrib brooms, and crafts with coconut fiber are created in artistic way. It is actually awesome to experience this visit.

Taste authentic tropical fruit

Mekong Delta tour-fruit orchard in Ben Tre
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Cai Mon fruit garden is a must-visit place in your budget of one-day trip Ben Tre. There are the abundance and diversity of fruits like durian, sweet mango, longan, purple mangosteen, rambutan, others.

In addition, it is the home of artists who have the ability of planting valuable plants and creating them in unique shapes.

Explore Vam Ho bird sanctuary

one-day trip Ben Tre-Vam Su Bird Santuary
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With a Mekong Delta Tour or one-day trip Ben Tre you should discover Vam Ho bird sanctuary belonging to Ba Tri, located 120km to the south of Ho Chi Minh City.

This place is the natural home of many genres of birds and trees, like date, coconut, reed, mangrove, and others. Here, there is nothing more incredible than being rowed by boat to observe the whole sanctuary and get into the spot by crossing narrow bamboo bridges.

From April to October is the best time to see the storks, as this is when they take refuge in Vam Ho to produce and raise their young.

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