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Top 10 best dishes in the food culture in Mekong Delta

food culture in Mekong Delta
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Mekong Delta is a mix mutual interference of the Vietnamese, Chinese, Khmer, Cham features which creates the food culture in Mekong Delta.

Each nation has some typical dishes. For Vietnamese people have sour soup, braised fish, fish soup. The Chinese have specialties such as roast pork, prospective duck, respects duck, herbs soup, salted duck’s egg, etc. However, most of the Chinese, the Vietnamese, the Khmer in Southern eat alike. To explore the colorful Mekong Delta food adventure, you can join us to taste 10 delicious cuisines. Let’s get started!

1. Sweet and sour catfish soup

food culture in Mekong Delta-sweet and sour soup with catfish
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Sweet and sour catfish soup is one of the best Mekong Delta food in Southern Vietnamese people. The local usually cooks often simmer catfish steaks with caramel sauce, and use the fish’s head and tail in this to make soup tasty with tamarind and pineapple.

It is not only good-tasty bur also nice-looking with all the wonderful abundance seafood(such catfish, snakehead, eel, shrimp among others) along with colorful medley of tamarind, pineapple, tomatoes, okra, elephant ears, bean sprouts and a variety of herbs such as lemony ‘ rice paddy herb – ngo om” and “Vietnamese coriander – Ngo gai”.

This famous Mekong Delta food is often served along with a plate of fish sauce, red chili and a bowl of hot rice or vermicelli. My hometown is also from Mekong Delta and this dish is one of the best memorable things in my childhood. It’s very tasty! Give it a try, you will never regret.

2. Stewed gobies with coconut milk

Mekong Delta food adventure-Stewed gobies with coconut milk
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Stewed gobies with coconut milk is one of the best food culture in Mekong Delta that you should try once time in your day trip. After washing and cleaning, the fish will stew them inside the pot of coconut milk with small fire. You can eat with hot rice and a little fresh vegetable. The most important thing that fish’s bones are very easily removed after cooked.

3. Fried coconut worms

best food in Mekong Delta-fried coconut worms
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Ben Tre is a coconut island with several special food from coconut such as coconut candy, fried coconut worms, etc. Though the worms are harmful to coconuts, they can be cooked fatty and delicious dishes which make uniqueness of food culture in Mekong Delta.

May-bugs begin hollowing out coconut trees to lay eggs inside in rainy seasons yearly. When the eggs are hatched into larvae, the larvae begin to eat the coconut trees and it become very fat. People cut down the coconut trees to collect the worms.

Coconut worms are cooked in diverse ways like fried butter worms, fried worms served with herbs, etc. The most delicious way is to eat with sticky rice. Coconut worms are steamed in the sticky rice pot.  Sticky rice and coconut works are eaten together, which makes a very special flavor.

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4. Fish noodles An Giang

famous Mekong Delta food-fish noodles An Giang
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Fish noodles is one of the best food culture in Mekong Delta originating from Cambodia. The broth is spiced up with fermented moustached danio fish sauce and mam ruoc (fermented sauce made from acetes, a small variety of shrimp) which give it an amazing flavor.

Fish noodles An Giang has its yellow broth and the yellow Snakehead fish slice, the yellow color from turmeric. The soup is very tasty with a subtle turmeric and lemongrass aroma. The broth is cooked carefully with fish and pork bones that you will be amazed by its sweetness. This dish is served with water mimosa flower (Rau nhut), morning glory (Rau muong), and strips of young banana, these tart and flavorful raw vegetables.

When you do it, you can add just salt, pepper, or chili flakes to keep the original scents of the ingredients.

5. Spiny goby hotpot (Lau ca keo)

food culture in Mekong Delta-Spiny goby hotpot
(source from @caodieuanh154)

Spiny goby hotpot is a favorite famous Mekong Delta food. The main ingredient is the spiny goby living only in brackish waters. This meat maybe grilled or fried though the most popular use is for a hot pot soup named after the fish. The fish is kept alive before put into the hotpot.

Another ingredient is la giang (sour- soup leaf) to make the hot pot perfect. A sour taste of hot pot requires a lot of seasoning like cilantro, basil and rice paddy herb which are sliced into small pieces. In the end, the sour soup becomes more appetizing by adding some rice vermicelli and fish sauce.

6. Linh fish and dien dien flowers hotpot

food culture in Mekong Delta-Linh fish and dien dien flowers hotpot
(source from @ficivn)

The Linh fish is a small species that can only caught in the area during flooding season. After soaked in species for a while, the fish with dien dien flowers that has not bloomed fully will be put into the hot pot sauce.

The feature of this hot pot is prepared in diverse ways:  pig bones or fish skeleton that are well- cooked for a long time or coconut added with sour flavor from tamarind. It is very tasty to eat with fresh vegetable and dip in sweet and sour tamarind sauce.

7. Fresh water crabs congee hotpot

food culture in Mekong Delta-fresh water crab congee hot pot
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Fresh water crabs hotpot is not only famous in the southern Vietnam but also favorite in the south. To make a perfect broth, the crabs are required most fresh and clean fresh water crabs. The dish has several kinds of flavors: the sweet taste of crab meat, the buttery taste of crab- roe, the sour taste of tomatoes and tamarind. It also has the savory flavor of dill, water spinach and crab cake. It is usually to serve fresh water crab hot pot with noodles or rice vermicelli threads.

8. Mock duck with fermented tofu

Mock duck with fermented tofu is very popular in daily meal of Vietnamese people. This is one of the most popular dishes of Southwest region, it also becomes the favorite dish in all parts of the country. You can find the mock duck with fermented tofu in all regions of the Mekong delta, especially in Can Tho city.

9. Oodles of noodles in the Mekong Delta(Bun Ken)

food culture in Mekong Delta- bun ken
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The broth of this soup is spiced up with fermented moustached danio fish sauce and “mắm ruốc”, a special sauce made from a small variety of shrimp, which gives it a rich flavor. There are totally 3 ingredients which are vermicelli, snakehead fish and fresh herbs. After being cooked, the fish is minced and added to a pan with lemongrass, chili and garlic, and stir fried until it is dry and fluffy.

10. Palmyra sweet soup with coconut milk(Bay Nui Area)

food culture in Mekong Delta- Palmyra sweet soup with coconut milk
(source from @gom.miu.home)

This sweet soup is made from dissolving palmyra sugar with water or coconut water, coconut milk and Thot Not fruit cores. You can taste the sweet and nutty taste of the coconut milk, the rich sugary base and chewy yet crunchy cores, it is so delicious! You can find this sweet soup everywhere throughout An Giang province.

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