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Foodie’s guide: best food in Mekong Delta tour 2019

best food in Mekong Delta tour 2019-Nam Vang noodle soup
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Hi guys! Welcome to Mekong Delta.

It is also named The Nine Dragon river delta because it is originated by nine rivers. Is it worth The travelers are not only attracted by endless paddy rice fields, coconut farms, tropical fruit gardens, but they are also drawn to the best food in Mekong Delta tour 2019.

1.Nam Vang noodle soup

best food in Mekong Delta tour 2019-Nam Vang noodle soup
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When we mentioned about highlight Mekong Delta tour, especially Vietnamese noodle food, people cannot forget Hủ Tiếu Nam Vang which is a harmony of Cambodian taste, Chinese recipe and Vietnamese flavor.

It is one of the best food in Mekong Delta tour 2019 with the main fresh ingredients such as tough noodle mix;small pieces of pork, organ, quail egg and seafood.

Let’s enjoy the Mekong Delta experience as tasting this special food at Hu tiu Sau Sen

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2. Fried Elephant Ear Fish

highlight Mekong Delta tour- fried elephant ear fish
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The reason why it is called Elephant Ear Fish because it looks like the ears of an elephant. It is highly-recommended by tour guides when they talk about Mekong river. You will taste the juicy and crispy fish with fresh vegetable and dip into the fish sauce.

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3. Vietnamese Pan Cake

Mekong food-Vietnamese pancake
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One of the best Mekong food that you should try once time in your Mekong Delta tour is Vietnamese pancake. The most important ingredients to make a perfect dish are veggies and mung beans. The cake is made by rice flour, coconut water, flour, mung beans, green bean sprouts.

The visitors can enjoy this food with fresh vegetables such as lettuces, salads and dip into delicious fish sauce. Let’s try it at: Banh Xeo Thu 46

4. Summer roll

best food in Mekong Delta tour 2019-Summer roll
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Summer roll(goi cuon) is very famous food in Vietnam. The main ingredient of this food is rice paper and wrapped with many various types of herbs and meat (beef, pork, shrimp, etc.).

This food has different ingredients depending on the region of Vietnam. In Mekong Delta, the feature of this food is fish sauce which is made from vinegar, sugar, onion, and chili.

5. Grilled Snakehead fish

best food in Mekong Delta tour 2019- Grilled snakehead fish
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Grilled snake head fish(ca loc nuong) is a signature along with the best food in Mekong Delta tour 2019.

Part of the feature is that the fish does not need to be marinated before. After caching the fish at the river, the local will wash it and pierce it with a long bamboo stick from the mouth to the tail, then wrap it in the haystack and burn the fire.

The fish after are served with the fresh vegetable and the fish sauce with tamarind.

🙂 🙂 Where to try: Phuong Nam restaurant

6.Coconut leaf cake

best food in Mekong Delta tour 2019-coconut leaf cake
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Coconut leaf cake (Bánh lá dừa) is a unique snack food in Mekong Delta, especially in Ben Tre province-the kingdom of coconut.

It stands out with a special shape. All ingredients include white rice, coconut, banana and mung beans wrapped by coconut leaf. In other words, the rice is chosen carefully and soaked overnight. The leaf used must be the young ones with yellow color and the mung beans is also soaked as well.

7. Khọt Cake

best food in Mekong Delta tour 2019-Khot cake
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Khọt Cake is another Vietnamese pancake but smaller. The local people in Mekong Delta add different kinds of topping such as shrimp, squid and green onion.

Let’s talk about the main ingredients. It is a mixture of rice flour, coconut water, eggs, mung beans, shrimp, herbs, vegetables and so on. It takes for granted that you can not eat this dish with fish sauce. To make several same round cakes, the chef will use a tool to make it. That is the stray which just only used for Khọt Cake only.

🙂 😉 😀 You also can try it in Sai Gon at Bánh Khọt Đặng Dung

8. Braised Chicken with lemongrass and hot chili

best food in Mekong Delta tour 2019-Ga kho sa ot
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Braised chicken with lemongrass and hot chilly(Ga kho sa ot) is another common food in daily meal of Vietnamese people.

The main ingredients of this food are chicken, lemongrass, chili, coconut water, ginger, onion, coriander, and spices: fish sauce, sugar, pepper, soup powder. They make a delicious taste that you never forget. You can use it with hot rice or vermicelli if you like.

If you used to try one of these best food in Mekong Delta, you can feel free to share with us by your comments below. Last but not least, you can visit us to choose the best deal for your Mekong Delta here: Vinaday Goreise

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