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Get lost 24 hours in Mekong Delta tour from Ho Chi Minh city

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As one of East Asia’s most attractive destinations, Mekong Delta is definitely worth a visit in Vietnam. The travelers are drawn to the exotic floating market; its beautiful tropical scenery; interesting river culture and friendly people.

It takes for a granted that you can spend 2-3 days visiting Mekong Delta. However, we will provide you with some useful information for your 24-hour trip in Mekong Delta tour from Ho Chi Minh city.

Mekong delta tour from Ho Chi Minh city

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There are diverse kinds of Mekong Delta tour from Ho Chi Minh city. All prices include bus tickets, entrance fees and English-speaking price. Somehow, the inclusive cost is a 3-star accommodation or a homestay.

Let’s visit us to choose the best deal for your Mekong Delta trip: 10 activities mekong-delta

Can Tho province

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As the biggest city in the Mekong Delta region, Can Tho is the home to the Cai Rang floating market, which is really one of the best Mekong Delta tours.

Cai Rang floating market, with hundreds of boats packed with more varieties of fresh fruits and awe-inspiring flowers, deserves to be considered as the must-visit place for your holiday.

Part of the charm is the cultural center for the surrounding rural areas. You can easily find comfortable accommodations in the city center and enjoy the lively nightlife or just experience the Mekong Delta homestay

Tien Giang provine

Sampan Cruise in My Tho:
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Meander down a sampan, a small rickety wooden row boat, and explore through small canals of the network of dis tributaries.

This is the best way to travel around in the Mekong and you will see the flower farms, fruit orchards, rice paper factories, temples, river restaurants and other sorts of attractions by the water.

Vinh Trang Pagoda:
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Your Mekong Delta tour from Ho Chi Minh city cannot be missed out Vinh Trang pagoda, built in 1849 and encompasses an area of about 2,000 m2.
The architecture is an interference of Chinese, Vietnamese, Khmer and European styles, and the site features enshrines various Buddha statues.
 Traveling around 10 am, you will hear the sound of monks chanting peaceful Buddhist prayer verses.
Cai Be Floating Market:
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Cai Be Floating Market is one of the largest markets in the Mekong Delta. Here you will come across not only fruits but also fabric, household items, fresh seafood, food and drinks handed over from boat to boat.
Cai Be Fruit Orchard:
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There are plenty of fruit orchards scattered around the different provinces in Vietnam. Cai Be Orchard is the largest fruit orchard in the Mekong Delta. You can take pick ripe fruit off the trees and enjoy them when sitting in the cool shades of trees.

An Giang province:

Tra Su Mangrove Forest:

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This fascinating ecotourism site is a vibrant forested area that is a year-round destination. However, the area turns into a flooded forest at the end of year, it is ideal for a guided boat tour through the region. The best time to visit are from September to November.

Sam Mountain:

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Located near the city of Chau Doc province, it is famous for its spectacular views of breathtaking rice fields, stilt villages and beautiful greenery. You also visit a temple on the way to the top. When you reach the top, you will find a small military outpost with a grand view featuring Cambodia on one side and Vietnam on the other.

Long An Province

Tan Lap Village:

best mekong delta tours-tanlapfloatingmarket
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it is an eco-tourism site which is typical flooded land of the Mekong region. You can go hiking through a gorgeous cajuput forest or take a boat along the Rung Canal.

When you visit, make sure you take in some of favorite things to do and see: enjoy local dishes, participate in campfires, barbecues, picnics and other outdoor activities.

November is the best time to visit — when the lotuses bloom, adding contrasting gorgeous burst colors to all that greenery.

Ben Tre province

mekong delta tour from ho chi minh city-ben tre province
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The travelers are attracted with the endless green place of vast paddy fields, thousands of coconuts, fruits and peaceful waterways.

This province is very famous for coconut candy and handicraft products. Therefore, the visitors will take a boat trip to various local workshops including brick kilns, a coconut processing workshop. You also go cycling surrounding the town to learn more the local life. Otherwise, let’s drink some cool water coconut and take a nap on the hammock. Why not?

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