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Review the best unique Cu Chi tunnels shooting range

Cu Chi tunnels shooting area-underground cu chi tunnels

Situated some 60 kilometers to the northwest of Ho Chi Minh City, Cu Chi tunnels was built over 20 years by Viet Cong in their resistance to French army and the US war.

Cu Chi is one of the best impressive historical sites for every tourists coming to HCM city. Not only do you experience the underground network, but also you will join amazing activities which include Cu Chi tunnels shooting area and interesting others.

Cu Chi tunnels shooting area

Cu Chi tunnels shooting area-Shooting area

This is one of the best attractive activities besides Cu Chi tunnels travel. You will be instructed how to shoot the AK47 gun and try shooting it for themselves. Tickets are sold at 50,000 VND(2 USD)/person/60 minutes.

AK47 was one of the most important weapons of Viet Cong. Coming to Cu Chi tunnels shooting area, you will truly adventure yourself as overcoming all the challenges.

“Fired the gun, just for fun and experience remember the poor guys 50 years ago did this for real. Do not go alone get a tour as there is soooo much to see and understand. Worth at least 1 1/2 hour time. The guards who take you through the tunnels are worth their tips.”said by a visitor on trip advisor

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The war zone

Cu Chi tunnels shooting area-the war zone

One of the most attractive things that you cannot miss out is to explore the war zone. As you can see the name, this area is the place where visitors will see pictures of strategic hamlets, US military posts, disputed areas between the two armies.

In addition to the models and sound systems to illustrate the context of war, visitors can also learn more history with the people who lived and fought in Cu Chi during the war.

It takes you back to the tough old days when the Vietnamese were defending their homeland with basic weapons against the mighty Americans equipped with B52 bombers. It takes you to time showing how the Vietnamese countered the Americans heavy onslaught. Here, you have an option (paid) to use a machine gun at the shooting range.”said by a visitor on trip advisor.

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The pool area resembling the East Sea

Cu Chi tunnels travel-east sea in cu chi

It might be ideal to immerse yourself in the cool water. Go for a walk 15 minutes walk to reach the pool area that resembles the East Sea. Ticket prices are about 20,000 VND(1 USD)/person.

“Very interesting visit to the Cu Chi Tunnels. Learning about how the Vietnamese defended their country against another occupation was a real eye-opener. How they moved around and lived in the underground tunnels is remarkable. Our visit ended with a 15-minute video from the era, very big on anti-US propaganda, I seriously doubt many American visitors sit through it all!” said by a visitor on trip advisor.

Trung An garden

Cu Chi tunnels shooting area-Trung An fruits orchids

You will experience the Southern local life in the fruit orchards. Here is a spacious garde where you can enjoy delicious tropical fruits like durian, rambutan, plum, and jackfruit.

“Visited for a few hours during a recent visit to Ho Chi Minh. Had honestly never heard of her tunnels but glad to paid them a visit! When we arrived we were assigned a guide free of charge and he was hilarious and very informative! Had a great time!” said by a visitor on trip advisor

Cu Chi specialties

Cu Chi tunnels travel- boiled cassava with coconut milk

Make a short stop to taste boiled cassava with coconut milk and tell us how do you feel? Yummy! This is a favorite food of Cu Chi people during the war time because it’s cheap, delicious and easy to eat.

Peeled cassava is cooked in coconut milk until it becomes soft and good smelling. The food is served with shredded coconut meat and peanuts. It’s available in Ben Duoc for you to have a taste. Boiled cassava with coconut milk is soft, sticky, greasy and light sweet with delicious taste.

“it’s amazing to watch a soldier demo in how tiny the entrance to the tunnel can be, and how it disappears into the surrounding with simple camouflage. There is even a full shooting range for you to try some weapons used during the war. You will have to pay for the bullets that you spent. About 2 USD per piece if you want to try the AK. There is even a high caliber machine gun. Open your wallet wide, you will be amazed how fast the bullets goes out of that thing, and the bullets are bigger and more expensive, of course.” said by a visitor on trip advisor

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