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The affordable way to travel from Mekong Delta to Phnompenh 2019

Mekong Delta to Phnompenh in 2019-Phong Dien floating market
(source from @mademoiselle.phuong)

Mekong Delta is very well-know as its vast paddy fields, endless green place, plenty of tropical fruit with human-friendly people. For travelers who love going hiking through Asia, we advise you to choose an amazing itinerary from Mekong Delta to Phnompenh 2019.  

1. Motor cart(Xe loi) tour

Sai Gon to Mekong Delta tour-Xe Loi
(source from @romina_g_romero)

In your tour from Mekong Delta to Phnompenh 2019, please not to miss out this. Motor cart is so popular a transport of the citizens in Mekong Delta. You are took to come thru farm communities and green paddy field(seasonally). Here you can feel how peaceful the country life is. Let’s detox away the stress and have an nice escape away from the bustling city.

Mekong Delta tour for 1 day-local life
(Vietnamese traditional house-source from @haileeng)

Another way to enjoy surrounding the village is to go for a bike after lunch. It is very eye opening seeing houses people live in Moreover, you also can visit two local work site, coconut and broom making. If you just have Mekong Delta tour for 1 day, you can pass this and enjoy the fresh fruit when listening Tai Tu song.

2. Cai Rang floating market

Mekong Delta tour to Pnompenh in 2019-cai rang floating market
(source from @laura.canal_lois)

From Sai Gon to Mekong Delta, Cai Rang floating market is the must-try item in your trip. You can see the lively life on river, then back onto the boat and see a coconut candy factory.

Mekong Delta to Phnompenh in 2019-Coconut workshop in Mekong Delta
(source from @thienhuong1910)

It doesn’t look like a factoy but incredibly hard workers are skilled staff every little bit of the coconut. Let’s try some coconut and snake wine which were both very potent, and go on a lovely boat ride through the coconut palms.

3. Tra Su santuary

Mekong Delta to Phnompenh in 2019-Tra Su
(source from @apollo281)

Tra Su forest, encompassing 850 ha wide,  is a typical submerged forest in the West of Hau river.  This is the home of many plants and animals belonging to the system of tropical forests in Vietnam. There are 2 rare birds recorded in red book.

4. Take speed boat to Cambodia

Mekong Delta to Phnompenh in 2019-speed boat to Cambodia
(source from @ste_li)

The best convenient way to travel from Mekong Delta to Phnompenh 2019. You also can have an eye opening about a floating fish farm which was great to see and then a small village on stilts in the water who were weaving and selling various silk items.

You literally hop off a fast boat onto the other boat in the middle of river. It is a 4-hour boat trip with a long visa process. You’ll hand over your passport as well as $34 USD for the visa to the employees and they’ll take care of the process. It takes about half an hour to reach the Vietnam border.

Traveling tips

Do and Should Not Do in Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta to Phnompenh in 2019-do and don't in Mekong Delta tour
(source from @life.of.louisa)
Do  Don’t
  • Dress formally when entering the pagodas, temples or shrines.
  • Ask for the permission before taking photos.
  • Keep your precious things in the safe place.
  • Bring the map and business card if your are alone.
  • Bring sun glasses, sun scream and hat to resist to the humid days.
  • Use 2 hands to give and take things from the elderly.
  • Wear a lot precious jewelry.
  • Have sensitive actions such as kissing in the public area.
  • Wear short skirts and clothes in the religious place.

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