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The complete guide to explore floating market in Mekong Delta 2019

floating market in Mekong Delta 2019
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Floating market in Mekong Delta 2019 is one of the remarkable highlights that makes your holiday fantastic.

The floating market are the places where the local people can buy goods while travelers can explore around the lively panorama. In addition, travelers can discover on small sampans with a local life at the sunrise which is the best time to visit any floating market. Today, we will introduce you a complete guide to explore floating market in Mekong Delta 2019

Floating market in Mekong Delta 2019

The first impression

floating market in Mekong Delta 2019-food on Mekong Delta floating market
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When taking a Mekong Delta tour, you can watch the local trading goods from the boats. Traders tend to hand their products on the top of long poles.

Along side a floating market, some small sampans also serve coffee and food. It is ideal to make a stop by one and enjoy coffee or a bowl of Pho for breakfast.

The features

floating market in Mekong Delta 2019-the features of Mekong Delta
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The Bustling Trading Scene:

Floating market in Mekong Delta 2019 has outstanding smooth performances of traders exchanging fruit from boat to boat. All includes a bustling trading scene. Somehow, you will spread your eyes to see the rustic lifestyle in Vietnam and take a deep breath in the cool breeze of the huge river.

Local Products:

As usual, the locals sell and buy diverse products priced quite reasonably. You can find the freshest fruits harvested from nearby farms: durian, milk fruit, rambutan, mangosteen, grapefruit, or even other processed specialties, such as fish sauce, coconut candy, or dried fish.

Almost locals have lived on their boats for about 30-40 years, so they really know to cook up their dishes and you will surely get  delicious food.

Time to visit

floating market in Mekong Delta 2019-time to visit Mekong Delta
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The best time to travel floating market is during the the rainy season that lasts from May to November. Your trip will be much comfortable due to the cool climate. Moreover, there will be a wide range of native fruits and agriculture products.

Tip to travel

floating market in Mekong Delta 2019-tip to visit
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  • Try to visit before 7 am when the temperature is cool and the sun is not too harsh and the market are not so busy.
  • Observe the poles erected in front of the boat to know what goods a boat sells.
  • Bring a hat and sunblock.
  • Take a local fishing boat to have more flexibility this way and the locals will show you around.

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Floating market in Mekong Delta 2019

Top 5 floating market in Mekong Delta

Cai Rang floating market

cai rang floating market
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Cai Rang floating market is the largest market in Mekong Delta. The main goods here include tropical fruit, agriculture products and specialties from Chau Thanh district and other neighboring locations.

Apart from fresh fruits, foreign visitors enjoy Vietnamese breakfast dishes, like Pho, Hu Tieu or coffee while paddling along the river. Why not?

Cai Be Floating Market

floating market in Mekong Delta 2019-cai be floating market
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Located at Tien river in the intersection of Vinh Long, Tien Giang and Ben Tre provinces. The travelers are attracted by the abundance and wide range of fruits, seafood, animals, chicken, materials and commodities to sweet mandarin, coconut soap and candy.

 You also will be admired by the magnetic sights along the river, such as lines of coconut trees and stilt houses on 2 banks. The best way to immerse the most beautiful picturesque of floating market in Mekong Delta 2019 is to choose us to be your partner during your journey, just booking our tour to choose the best memorable holiday in Vietnam at: 10 activities Mekong

Tra On Floating Market

floating market in Mekong Delta 2019-Tra On floating market
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Situated at the intersection of the Hau River and Mang Thit River, adjacent to Tra On Town, this is known as the final floating market on the Hau River.

Not different from other large floating markets in Mekong Delta, the main goods are fruits and seasonal agricultural products. You will have eye-catching scenery with a wide range of mangoes, longan, rambutan, etc. Moreover, there are also many other agricultural products, like gourds, potatoes, okra, cabbage, radishes, melon, and more etc.

Nga Nam Floating Market

floating market in Mekong Delta 2019-nga 5 floating market
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Located in Soc Trang Province, Nga Nam Floating Market lies on the convergent point of 5 rivers flowing into 5 directions: My Long (Hau Giang), Vinh Quoi (Soc Trang), Phung Hiep (Hau Giang), Phuoc Long (Bac Lieu) and Phu Loc (Soc Trang). That’s why its name is Nga Nam Market.

Both business and daily life activities mostly take place on the boat. In addition, boats are the main transports on he river. The tropical fruits, vegetables and seasonal goods are not only diverse, but also rich in both quantity and quality. It is quite possible to find from meat, rice and fruits to even electronic goods.

Nga Bay Floating Market

floating market in Mekong Delta 2019-nga 7 market
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Also called Phung Hiep Floating Market, Nga Bay is known as the remarkable market in the Mekong Delta. When arriving in here, visitors can be overwhelmed by various of fruits, vegetables, seafood, poultry products, handicraft goods, domestic utensils as well as aquatic products of the waterway region.

What make you amazed is the supply of snakes, birds, tortoises, iguanas and this floating market becomes a year-round destination.


Mekong Delta tour-transportation in Mekong Delta
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For those who like traveling floating market, you are surely to go by your self. Depart for Ho Chi Minh city, you can take a bus to Can Tho province. Then, you arrive at Ninh Kieu wharf and hire a private boat with a local guide and set off your journey. However, there are some notices:

  • You have to wait for your boat to fill and you can miss the best hours of the market.
  • Some boats can drive you to their shopping destinations.
  • You have troubles in language barrier.

In fact, choosing a tour package is an ideal alternative. The trips usually last 2 days and the price starts from 50 USD. However, please check the schedule of the trip before booking. If you really do not know where you go and what your plan is in Mekong Delta, we are very pleased to help you to provide exactly what you wish. Let’s visit us at: Private Tour: A Day Cai Be Floating Market & Vinh Long

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