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The flavor and heritage of the best famous Mekong Delta food

famous Mekong Delta food
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Hi guys! Are you looking forward the best famous Mekong Delta food for your day trip? It is time you took a sampan ride along Mekong river to explore several outstandingly interesting dishes which are so impressive but simple.

1. Noodle made from sliced flour in Ben Tre(Banh canh bot xat)

famous Mekong Delta food-Noodle made from sliced flour in Ben Tre
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This is a wonderful specialty of the Mekong Delta food adventure. The main ingredients of this dish are rice flour and soup cooked carefully with duck meat. It is served with tasty ginger fish sauce, garlic and chili. Each chef as their own secret recipes with rice flour sliced into pieces.

2. Bot Loc Cake

famous Mekong Delta food-bot loc cake
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Bot Loc cake is a favorite snake which is made from rice flour, filling with shrimp or roasted pork and then steamed.  This dish is one of the best food in Mekong Delta  with a unique taste thanks to the great combination of shrimp and pork. The cake is chewy and eaten with fresh herbs and sweet sour fish sauce.

3. Sa Dec Noodle Soup

The flavor and heritage of the best famous Mekong Delta food 1
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There are two kinds of noodles which are very popular in Sa Dec and My Tho: dried noodle and soup one. It is a famous Mekong Delta food since its taste sweet, chewy and amazing flavors. The broth is stewed many hours with pork bones, so it is very delicious and clear. Dry noodle is not a bad idea with many toppings as you eat noodle and nice soup in separated bowls.

4. Hoi Cake eaten with baked rolls

Mekong Delta food adventure-Hoi cake
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Hoi cake has been a famous Mekong Delta food for all travelers coming to this water world. This cake is white made from rice flour, eaten with baked rolls, vegetables and fish sauce added some lemon and chili. One another way to use this food, you can eat with peanut sauce. If you are wishing to know how good the Hoi Cake is, let’s try it first!

5. Luc Si’s Nem rice papers

best food in Mekong Delta-Luc Si’s Nem rice papers
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There are various types of rice paper along with famous Mekong Delta food: Nem rice papers, dipped rice papers, sweet rice papers, or baked rice papers. It is made from 100% rice flour and non chemical. Rice papers are soft, medium salty, wrapped with shrimp, meat, vegetables, noodles, served with tamarind fish sauce, or soybean milled. It is not only good-tasty but also nice-looking. This is really wonderful dish, contributing to make diversity of famous Mekong Delta food.

6. Gray eel-catfish

famous Mekong Delta food-fried gray-eel catfish
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Gray eel-catfish is quite dodgy, living only in deep-water level area. Fishing them is also difficult because they even carved 2-3 meters deep caves for shelters.

There are many ways to cook this fish like sour soup, grilled in banana sepal, fish sauce stew, steam or served with fermented scallion. However, the simplest way to make is grill gray eel-catfish in the banana sepal on the charcoal to keep the original sweetness of fresh water fish. Fish is rinsed thoroughly, marinated in delicious fish sauce, sugar, pepper, chili, and cooked on low heat to make it absorbed completely.

You can try this dish with a lot of vegetables and chili salt with fish sauce. It is the daily dish of the people in the West of Vietnam.

7. Cho Moi’s ticky rice

famous Mekong Delta food-cho moi's sticky rice
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Cho Moi is well-known as the year-round destination in Mekong Delta tour. The local glutinous rice has high quality, round and beautiful rice. It is combined with beans to make a delicious sticky rice dish. Fried sticky rice looks yellow in color, tasty and significant.

When you try it, enjoy with roasted chicken with some chili sauce, soya sauce. Chicken is a little chewy, sweet and roasted by hands in other to keep the flavor and taste featured.

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