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The way to explore special dishes in Mekong Delta

special dishes in Mekong Delta-local food in Mekong Delta
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As your sampan ride through a gorgeous floating market, passing several dazzling flowers releasing aromatic scents and fresh local fruit, you will truly explore the local life in the water world. While you are at there, take once time to taste the best special dishes in Mekong Delta and take in some of favorite thing to explore your day trip below. Let’s get started!


  • Try tropical fruit like star apples, red bayberries, longans, durian and others.
  • Drink fresh coconut to boost your energy after a long day.
  • Eat lunch and see how the local cook dishes in a traditional wooden house.
  • Watch the sunset on a river cruise.
  • Taste several unique food in Mekong Delta such as salad, hot pot, sea food, sweet soup and so on.

Mekong Delta cuisine

Enjoy the list of some famous food in Mekong Delta. Whether you visit Mekong Delta at the first time.

Sa Dec Noodles

special dishes in Mekong Delta-sa dec noodle
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Sa Dec and My Tho are two regions which are very famous for special dishes in Mekong Delta. They are noodle soup made from rice flour noodles and a light clear broth.

If you want to taste something different, you can try dried noodle soup, which means a bowl of noodle and soup separating. Topping might include seafood, herbs and vegetables.

Fried elephant ear fish

famous Mekong Delta food-fried elephant ear fish
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Even though, the fish has a weird name, it is very delicious and good for health. There are many way to cook this fish such as fried, smoked or boiled. A fried fish with its crispy perfection is highly recommended as one of the best special dishes in Mekong Delta.

The fish is served with rice papers, vegetable and sour-sweet fish sauce. If you have change to try it, do not miss it.

Lo Ren star apple

special dishes in Mekong Delta-Lo Ren star apples
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Mekong Delta is very famous for its vast fruit orchids such as Lo Ren star apples. This fruit stands out with its purple husk and milky white appearance. Lo Ren star apple is one of the best special dishes in Mekong Delta. It will give you a unique scent and memorable taste. It is very hard to find this fruit outside Southeast Asia, so you can grab your chance to try this fruit where they are grown.

You can visit the floating market where this fruit is sold in Mekong Delta tour. Check some tour information at: 10 activities mekong

Fermented fish hot pot

special dishes in Mekong Delta-fermented fish hot pot
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Fermented fish hot pot with wild vegetable is one of the best special dishes in Mekong Delta. The broth of fermented fish hot pot is cooked carefully from fermented snakeskin gourami(Mam ca sac). Other ingredients are fish, seafood, meat, and vegetable. The hot pot is served with rice noodles, many types of fresh fishes and a wide range of vegetable such as viscous polypody plant young shoot.

You can feel 5 tastes blending in your mouth:salt, sweet, sour, hot, bitter. When visiting Mekong Delta, you should try this food once time on your day trip, especially in Ca Mau province.

The way to explore Mekong Delta cuisine

Enjoy fresh fruit on floating market

special dishes in Mekong Delta-Cai Rang floating market
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Floating market is an iconic thing in Mekong Delta. Taking a sampan boat and you can meander down from seller to seller, tasting some fresh fruit. It is a truly feeling that let you observe how the local people manage their live on water. A tour to visit Cai Rang floating market is highly recommended. When following a tour, you can easily access to floating market.

Enjoy local food in a traditional wooden house

unique food in Mekong Delta-fried elephant ear fish
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If you choose a Mekong Delta homestay with us and have lunch with a local in their own home. You will observe how people prepare the food for their daily meals. The local also answer any questions you might have about local life, resulting in a once-in-a-lifetime meal that you will remember for the rest of your life.

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