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Top 5 unique food in Mekong Delta tour 2019

unique food in mekong delta
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Mekong Delta is one of the best ecotourism destinations in Vietnam. The travelers are drawn to the harmonious mix of a little sunlight, wind in this water world. Not only do you explore how wonderful the scenery is, but you also try top 5 unique food in Mekong Delta. Enjoy the list whether you experience the tour at first time.

Β 1. Salad with Green Mango and Dried Snakeskin Gourami(Goi xoai kho ca loc)

unique food in mekong delta-Salad with Green Mango and Dried Snakeskin Gourami
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The salad is so favorite a snack originating from Can Tho province. It not only has good-tasty but also nice-looking. There are 2 main ingredients which are easy to find in food culture in Mekong Delta : Tuong mango salad and dried snakeskin gourami. Green mango is grow in the orchids of families and dried snakeskin gourami is made for storing for a few months.

First of all, green mango is peeled off, shredded, soaked in a mix of fish sauce, sugar, garlic and chili pepper. Therefore, the mango strips are crunchy, sweet, sour, and spicy. Then, it is mixed well with dried snakeskin gourami to make a very tasty salad.

It is one of the best food along with the unique food in Mekong Delta. Whenever you try, you will feel four tastes blending in your mouth: sweet, sour, salt, hot. The mango is so crunchy, dried snakeskin gourami is crispy. What kind of food is?Let’s get started.

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2. Grilled meat rolls in Cai Rang(Nem nuong)

food culture in Mekong Delta-Grilled meat rolls in Cai Rang
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Cai Rang is very popular for its floating market which has a lively life on water. Moreover, you can make a short stop to try the best famous food in Mekong Delta such as grilled meat rolls(nem nuong).

The ingredients include vegetable, green banana, carambola, cucumber, grilled meat, and so on. The dish is served with rice paper, some types of vegetable with delicious fish sauce, chili and lemon. Let’s try it once time then you never forget its amazing taste.

3.Grilled “Climbing” beef in An Giang(Bo Tung Xeo)

famous Mekong Delta food-tung xeo beef
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There is a unique food in Mekong Delta which has a funny name of “climbing beef”. ItΒ  does not mean meat of cow fed in mountainous area. However, it has special taste because it is marinated with secret condiments.

Firstly, the chef made of iron in mountain shape surrounded by a plate of beef marinated with spices, vegetables and herbs and soy sauce. No matter how long beef is grilled, it still preserves perfect flavor: soft and tasty. Grilled beef will be served with rice papers and some herbs, vegetables, green banana and special soya sauce.

4. Eel hotpot(Lau luon)

unique food in mekong delta-eel hotpot
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Eel hot pot dish is very popular for those who like spicy. The main ingredient is marinated eel processing deft with new shoots and then put in a pot.
It is delicious, nutritious with spicy hot air. Eel hot pot is served with spinach, tofu, red bean curd and pancakes. In cold season, it becomes one of the most unique food in Mekong Delta. It has a simple recipe but very attractive!

5. Cong cake(Banh cong)

unique food in mekong delta-cong cake
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Banh Cong (Cong Cake) is a popular traditional food in Can Tho province. The tool used to make this cake looks like a tube, so it is called Cong cake. Visitors are attracted by its look and aromatic flavor.

The cake is made from glutinous rice flour, wheat flour, shrimp and green beans. First of all, rice flour and wheat flour is mixed together with water, egg, salt and onion leaves. Green beans and meat are cooked and used as the topping. These ingredients are stuffed into a tube.

Shrimp is added on the top of the cake. After that, the tube is fried until the flour becomes golden. Cong cake is often served with tasty fish sauce and lots of fresh vegetables.

Banh Cong is a famous snack along with other unique food in Mekong Delta. The locals in Can Tho only eat it with family, especially on a rainy day.

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