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Top 5 Weekend Activities and Cuchi Tunnels Shooting Range

Cuchi Tunnels Shooting Range

Would you want to experience “real gun with real bullets” ? Now that actually work in real life at Cu Chi, visitors can also experience and enjoy these top 5 weekend activitiesEspecially the real life shooting range.

Cuchi Tunnels Shooting Range – Cu Chi Tunnels & Secrets

The tunnel system runs zigzag in the ground, from the “backbone” [mainline] line, which emanates a number of short branches, or independently, depending on the terrain.

Cuchi Tunnels maps

The tunnels have many branches lead to the Saigon River, so that when the situation is critical, can cross over the river to the base of Ben Cat [Binh Duong].

The tunnel was not very deep, but it can resistant to the artillery bullets and the weight of the tanks, the depth branches can against the small bombs. There are sections that are structured from two to three levels.

Up and down ways between layers have the secret hatch.

In the tunnels, there are necessary blocking spots to prevent the enemy or toxic chemicals sprayed by the enemy and narrow sections, must be very compact to pass through.

Along the tunnel, the upper vents are discreetly camouflaged and exposed to the ground by several secret doors. Numerous gates are structured as battle gear, and the sniper rifle is very flexible.

Shooting Range Sport

Shooting Range Sport Cuchi Shooting ranges

This is a military sport that has many visitors like to join in. Guests will be interested in playing and try their shooting at the shooting sport field.

You can choose the right guns to use during the war. After being instructed fully, you can try shooting with the target.

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Paintball Shooting

Paintball Shooting in Cuchi tunnels

Paintball shooting is a game that is both sporty and military. In addition to the purpose of relaxation, this game also helps players to have judgement, team work, exercise health.

Tourists will become soldiers fighting in the wild. Each soldier is equipped with a mask, uniform, armor and weapons, such as the AR15 or AK47.

Paintball shooting is a type of entertainment that visitors can not ignore when coming to Cu Chi Tunnels with high attractiveness and absolute safety.

In addition, visitors can also try their skills when participating in shooting to standard military target [fixed target, moving target, hidden target].

Learn to removal and installation guns 

Learn to removal and installation guns 

Not only to participate in entertainment games, when visiting the Cu Chi Tunnels, visitors also participate in learning how to remove and install the gun. By that, you will understand soldiers during the war

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Can not be missed cycling in swan boat, kayaking

Guests can use swan boat, kayak to travel on the lake simulated East Sea, admire the panoramic lake, three characteristics forest regions and three mini models.

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