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Top 7 best delicious food in Mekong Delta

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(grilled fish Mekong river-source from @jenny_le_tml)

As one of Vietnam’s touristy destinations, Mekong Delta attracts tourists by its vast rice paddies, gorgeous river and iconic floating markets with human-friendly local.

In addition, best delicious food in Mekong Delta is one of the most important elements to explore and dive into Mekong Delta. Best food in Mekong Delta will help you to make a decision to choose an ideal place to eat on your holiday.

1. Fermented fish soup(Bun mam)

best food in mekong delta-fermented noodle
(fermented noodle-source from @thuyjapan2611)

It is one of the best delicious food in Mekong Delta that you could not miss out. To create a perfect dish, the fresh ingredients are highly-required such as several chunks of grilled pork, crispy slices of squid, a juicy prawn, raw vegetables, white thick noodles and herbs, and covers in the pungent Mekong Fish(Mam) to serve the customers.

The best way to taste it is to use when it is hot. You will find plenty of amazingly flavors to have a taste of Mekong Delta food.

😉 😉 😉 You could find some restaurants to try fermented fish sauce here: Lau Mam Chau Doc( fermented fish soup)

2.Fermented fish hotpot(Lau mam)

mekong delta food-fermented hotpot
(fermented hotpot-source from @ntvvirus)

If you are keen on a wide array of choices and want to eat together with your friends and family on a rainy day. Lau Mam(hot pot) will show the great idea in Mekong Delta food. 

You should wait for plenty of broths cooked from coconut water, pork bone and macerated fishes. You also can taste various fresh vegetable from Mekong forest such as “Dien Dien” flower, Giọ Mung (Dropwort), bean sprouts, spinach water, straw mushroom and so on.

best food in mekong delta-vegetable in hotpot
(vegetable in hotpot-source from @pdangelina)

The perfect mixture with hot salted fish soup, a medley of flavors spicy, bitter, salty-sweet and pungent of Lau Mam make it one of the best delicious food in Mekong Delta.

3. My Tho clear rice noodle soup(Hu tiu My Tho)

best delicious food in Mekong Delta-hu tiu my tho
(source from @_phan_l.a-hu tiu my tho)

Hu tiu My Tho is well-known as one of the best delicious in Mekong Delta river with harmony of Cambodia, Chinese taste and Vietnamese recipe. It is a fine dish that you surely want to buy in Mekong Delta. In other words, Hu tiu is very tasty and juicy with pork bones and dressed up slices of pork, dried squids, fresh and dried shrimps, quail eggs and veggies. It is a popular street food in the Southwest region of Vietnam.

More over, if you look for some nice place to taste Hu tiu, here are our recommendations: Seafood Restaurants in Mekong Delta

4. Vietnamese cake carpel(Banh tam bi)

best delicious food in Mekong Delta-banh tam bi
(banh tam bi-source from @lephuong0803)

In case you want to taste new food, you could try banh tam bi. It consists of rice and tapioca thick noodle look life silkworms, slices boiled lean pork, shredded boiled pig skin mixing with roasted rice powder.

Moreover, a bowl of Banh Tam Bi will be served  with cooked coconut cream, fish sauce dip made from fish sauce, coconut water, garlic, chili, lemon juice and fresh vegetables such as bean sprouts and herbs. Try it slowly to feel taste salty, sweet, sour, hot taste. It is one of the best delicious food in Mekong Delta that you have to taste once time in life.

5. Grilled Mekong river fish

best delicious food in Mekong Delta-grilled fish Mekong river
(grilled fish Mekong river-source from @jenny_le_tml)

Grilled fish has wide variety of fresh fishes and taste crunch from Mekong river. It is sure fuel your excitement from several flavors of garlic, chili, pepper, salt spreader in fish skin.

You can use with rice noodles plus some kinds of vegetables of cucumber, green banana, herbs and starfruit dipped into special sauce. You will love them because its healthy and delicious food.

🙂 🙂 To whom it may concerned: Restaurants in Can Tho

6. Crispy Mekong Delta Pancake(Banh xeo)

best delicious food in Mekong Delta-Vietnamese pancake
(Vietnamese pancake-source from@gems.ngoc)

This food comes from the Southwest region of Vietnam. It stands out with the yellow crispy pancake stuffed with shrimp, pork and bean sprouts.

Part of the features is the crispiness coming from the rice flour mixes with coconut liquid ingredient and the turmeric powder. You can taste Banh Xeo with various herbs and large fresh lettuce, salads dipped into the sweet, sour, hot fish sauce.

Let’s have a seat and enjoy it with your friends on your holiday.

7. Coconut water

best delicious food in Mekong Delta-coconut water
(source from @quangnhat)

Finally, let’s sip a coconut to drink cool water with the typical taste of tropical fruit and summer. Coconut water has a sweet and nutty taste. It is less sugar, so it is also a very healthy water Mekong Delta is famous for the island of the coconut, so you can easily find it many places in your Mekong Delta tour at cheap price.

Let’s taste it when being the boat floated on Mekong river or take a nap on a hammock in the fruit orchid. Why not?

🙂 🙂 You can try 7 best delicious food in Mekong Delta and book Mekong Delta tour here: Cu Chi tunnels tour must do

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