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Top 7 best special dishes of Mekong Delta in Vietnam

special dishes of Mekong Delta in Vietnam-nuoc leo noodle soup
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While several citizens tend to choose fast food such as hamburgers, pizzas, fried chicken soft coke and world-class cuisine in luxury restaurants. However, this trend has no impact on Mekong Delta where is an abundance of agricultural products. There are plenty of special dishes of Mekong Delta in Vietnam that you should not miss out while traveling this peaceful region.

Today,we will take you to explore a Mekong Delta food adventure. Let’s get started!

1. Pia Cake(Banh Pia)

special dishes of Mekong Delta in Vietnam-Pia cake
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Pia cake is a a famous specialty food in Soc Trang province. This outstandingly main ingredients are tapioca flour and wheat flour. Moreover, its filling is made from sticky rice flour, mung bean paste, salted duck egg, and pork fat. Somehow, you can feel the scent of durian, taste a little with green tea to refresh your mind. The most importantly delicious!

2. Fried elephant ear fish(Ca Tai Tuong chien xu)

special dishes of Mekong Delta in Vietnam-fried ear elephant fish
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One of the best food in Mekong Delta, recommended by every tour guides is fried elephant ear fish. This fish looks like an elephant ear, so its name sounds a bit weird. However, the fish is very juicy and tasty.

You can enjoy this dish in many restaurants and homestays in Mekong Delta or Ho Chi Minh city. However, it should be fried to crispy perfection in an authentic Mekong style. This dish is served with fresh vegetables in rice paper and then dip the roll in fish sauce, lemongrass and chili.

3. Coconut Candy

special dishes of Mekong Delta in Vietnam-coconut candy
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Coconut candy is one of the best special dishes of Mekong Delta in Vietnam, especially in Ben Tre province. It is is produced in a very simple way with basic ingredients, including coconut water, malt syrup, and sugar.

Firstly, the local will extract the inside, and then grind and put it into a fabric pad to filter and obtain the coconut milk. The producers have to steadily stir up the mixture until it solidifies which will be placed onto a frame, and then cut into small square shapes. The local can add some flavors and peanuts.

The travelers will visit the coconut workshop to learn how to make coconut candy and to taste authentic coconut candies at the factory. It is really a fantastic experience in Mekong Delta food adventure.

4. Son Qui sweet soup(Che Son Quy)

Mekong Delta food adventure-Son Quy sweet soup
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Son Quy sweet soup is of must-eat dishes in Tien Giang province. There are totally 7 ingredients which are sugar, mung bean, “thach” bean, peanut, tapioca starch, coconut cream, panda leaf.

It is one of the best special dishes of Mekong Delta in Vietnam. Each chef has their own secret recipes to make it uniquely tasty sweet soup. To serve, the seller put well-kneaded, sticky mung bean paste; tender, sweet cooked “thach” beans; roasted crunchy peanuts in sticky, a little chewy tapioca starch into a glass, then top with greasy coconut sauce, crushed peanuts. It could be served hot or cold.

Son Qui sweet soup is usually eaten for breakfast because it healthy and nutritious. It is also a Vietnamese traditional dessert during the Lunar New Year.

5. Neem tree salad Long Xuyen(Goi sau dau Long Xuyen)

best food in Mekong Delta-neem salad
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To create a perfect neem tree salad, the fresh main ingredients are required such as  amazing neem shoots and flowers, pork belly, dried snakeskin gournami (or dried snakehead), cucumber, green mango, pineapple, fish sauce, tamarind pulp, garlic, chili pepper, coriander, peanuts, etc.

Neem shoots and flowers are boiled in water, then added a little salt to the water to keep the leaves bright green and nice looking. Snakeskin gournami is grilled and fried until smelling and crispy outside, remove the bones, shred the flesh of the dried snakeskin gournami. The dish is served with some slices cucumbers, small pieces pineapple and green mango.

Part of the features is a sweet sour salty hot dressing from fish sauce, sugar, lime juice, chili pepper. Neem salad is good-tasty, nice-looking, nutritious and healthy. You also can feel 5 tastes blending in your mouth: bitter, sweet, sour, salty, hot tastes.

6. Crepe cake with jaggery An Giang(Banh bo duong thot not)

best food in Mekong Delta-Crepe cake with jaggery An Giang
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It is one of the special dishes of Mekong Delta in Vietnam. It is a favorite snack food originating from An Giang which is very famous for jaggery palm trees. It is not only good-tasty but also nice-looking. The crepe cake tasty delicious depend on jaggery. Let’s try it!

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7. Nuoc leo rice noodle soup in Soc Trang

special dishes of Mekong Delta in Vietnam-nuoc leo noodle soup soc trang
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Nuoc leo rice noodle soup (Bun nuoc leo) is one of the best food of Khmer people in Mekong Delta. It is consisted of the broth, rice noodles, toppings.

Nuoc leo rice noodle soup in Soc Trang has its special flavors. It is a perfect harmony of all simple and easy to find ingredients. All of the ingredients are found in the agricultural products.

The broth of Bun nuoc leo is cooked from pork bone, coconut water, Boesenbergia Rotunda, Mam bo hoc, pineapple, lemongrass.  Mam bo hoc (prohok) is a kind of Fermented fishes which is made by brewing snakehead, catfish, shrimp, salt for over 6 months. All things make the broth sweet-salty, clear and reddish-brown as cockroach wing.

Bun nuoc leo is served with various veggies, aromatic herbs, lime wedges, chili pepper slices. The dipipng sauce is made from salt, lime, and chili pepper. It is not only tasty but also flavorful. Moreover, good smell of topping can make you mouth-watering.

Bun nuoc leo is the ideal choice in the morning or evening, on rainy or cold days. It should be added in the budget of travelers when visiting Mekong Delta.

To sum up, we are very pleased to give you some recommendation about the special dishes of Mekong Delta in Vietnam. Let’s check it out and just feel free to share with us your comments below. If you look for some information about Mekong Delta tours, you are always warmly welcomed at: 10 activities mekong

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