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Top awe-inspiring destinations for the best way to see Mekong Delta

best way to see Mekong Delta
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Mekong Delta is a home of unique eco-tourism besides pagodas and floating markets. Moreover, Mekong Delta is a abundant natural source of agricultural products fruits,  rice, flowers and livestock grow. To help you have more useful information, this guide will show the best way to see Mekong Delta and some awful things to explore there

1. Best way to see in Mekong Delta

things to do in Mekong Delt-floating market in Mekong Delta
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Actually, you can hire a motorbike to drive yourself to Ninh Kieu wharf. However, we would not recommend you to choose that way because it is up to your driving skill and how the route is. In other words, you could make a decision to book a tour at reasonable prices. If you want to learn how to visit Mekong Delta, let’s visit us to find your wishing at: 10 activities mekong
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2. Mekong Delta

best way to see Mekong Delta-sampan rides on Mekong river
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The Mekong Delta is a network river in southwestern Vietnam,  as a border between Ho Chi Minh City and Cambodia. The river originates from the Himalayas and passes through China, Myanmar, Thailand and Cambodia before flowing into Vietnam. Therefore, you can travel by speed boat from Mekong Delta Vietnam to Cambodia.

3. The places to visit

Travelers are drawn to its iconic floating market, gorgeous rice paddies and outstanding fruit orchids. The best way to visit Mekong Delta is by sampan rides through natural tunnels, but we recommend you other interesting things to visit in your Mekong Delta tour.

Mỹ Tho

best places to stay in Mekong Delta-cai be floating market at My Tho
(Cai Be floating market-source from @discerningtravelervietnam)

Not only is My Tho famous for its floating market, it also has some impressive pagodas and local orchards to visit. Just 2-hour drive from Ho Chi Minh city by bus, it is an ideal way for a day trip.

Cần Thơ

Mekong Delta Vietanam to Cambodia-Cai Rang floating market
(Cai Rang floating market -source from @thao.cici)

As the largest city in Mekong Delta, Can Tho stands out with Cai Rang floating market. There are numerous of boats packed with more various tropical fruits, local good and dazzling flowers.

Furthermore, you can easily to find comfortable accommodations in the city center. This is the best way to visit Mekong Delta to explore the picturesque agricultural communities. Otherwise, you can enjoy the lively night life as sipping a strong cocktail in the dance clubs. It takes approximately four hours to get to Cần Thơ from Ho Chi Minh City by bus.

Sóc Trăng

best way to see Mekong Delta-pagoda in Soc Trang
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Soc Trang has diverse culture which is different from the Vietnamese rural areas in the region. There are the largest population of Khmer people outside of Cambodia. The unique culture of Khmer people are the Clay and Bat pagodas which are famous for it bedecked architectures. The best way to visit Mekong Delta is to check out the Oc Om Boc around November or December.

Can Gio Mangrove Forest

best way to see Mekong delta-Can Gio mangrove forest
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Can Gio Mangrove Forest is listed as the biosphere reserve by UNESCO. It also helps to protect the rich agricultural land from corrosion. There are many tours available to there since it is so near to Ho Chi Minh City. It is an ideal way for a great day at the beginning of your trip.

Rach Gia

how to visit Mekong Delta-local life in Rach Gia
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A trip to Rach Gia is the best way to visit Phu Quoc island. To depart for Rach Gia, you can book in advance a fast ferry out of Rach Gia. Otherwise, you can visit Ha Tien which is a little to the northwest from Rạch Giá. From there, you can come across Cambodia as well.

Châu Đốc

best way to see Mekong Delta- Hang pagoda- Chau Doc
(Hang pagoda- Chau Doc-source from @nmt.tien)

Chau Doc is an easy stop along the route from Vietnam to Cambodia. It is well-known as its religious and ethnic diversity, which comprises Khmer, Chinese, Cham and Vietnamese people. Let’s pay a visit to vast rice paddies and peacefully rural scenery. Moreover, you also can go hiking Victoria Nui Sam.

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